Life is messy and imperfect.  I say, let’s embrace that. Family photos don’t have to be posed to be beautiful.

Your session will be all about your everyday life. Whether I’m with you for 2 hours or 12, it will be a window into what a regular day looks like to your family. I’ll have a few questions that will help guide us to find what an ideal session looks like for you, but mostly we will keep things loose and open to spontaneity. Below are a few tidbits to keep in mind for your session.

  • At some point, your kids will cry, misbehave, be less than perfect. That’s OK. More than ok, that’s part of who they are right now. Working with me is a safe, no judgement zone. Parent how you need to parent but don’t worry that my camera is there.
  • There will be mess. Even if you clean before I come over (though please don’t feel like you have to). Kids can be like tornados, it adds to the adventure.
  • My role is more involved than a shadow but less than a visiting relative. I’ll joke with you and listen to your little ones down on their level. I’ll also be a silent observer in the background at times when the moment is quieter.
  • Whether your home has lots of light or a few small windows, I will be able to create great photos that tell the story of you in your space.

If you have any questions about what a session would look like for your family, write me a note.


In life we often take the time to celebrate the firsts: first tooth, first word, first steps.  But what about the lasts? We never know when it will be the last bedtime story, the last time they need you to kiss their boo boo, the last push on the swings.

With a documentary session we can capture these moments before they become lasts for you to look back on as they grow and for your kids to reminisce over when they are old enough to start their own families.

This is an investment in preserving the sweetness of now for all the generations to come.

Sessions start at $500 for a 2 hours of documentary or a Fresh 48.

I also offer Birth Story Documentary, inquire for pricing.

All sessions include:

  • Detailed Questionnaires: To help me get to know your family and what makes you unique. These also help inform what day and time to do your session, so we can document the times you treasure most.
  • Support: I send out a session guide to all of my families jam packed with helpful information
  • Quick response time: I typically email or text back in 24 hrs
  • 2-3 week turnaround time for finished images.
  • An in home Photo Reveal slideshow and ordering session. You will build your own package to best enjoy your photos and look over album and frame samples to choose from.

Partial Day Session

Family activities and simply being together, here are some highlights of what 4 hours of documentary photography could look like.

Full Day Session

 From bedhead to lights out, here are the highlights of what a full day of documentary photography could look like.

“The photos honestly are some of the most beautiful that I have ever seen of my family and of our love for one another. “